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Socket 7 Series

Socket 7 Series
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The Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) Series 7 from Socket combines convenience and functionality in one light-weight, compact housing. The scanner features Bluetooth wireless technology. The CHS Series 7 comes with optional models that will read both 1D barcodes and 2D images. The device will communicate with other Bluetooth wireless devices including Palm PDA, Pocket PC, BlackBerry, Notebook or Tablet PC.

The scanner comes in a wide array of configurations: the CHS 7E for entry-level scanning, the CHS 7M with a Class 1 laser, the rugged CHS 7P with a Class 2 laser for use in brightly lit/outdoor settings, or the CHS 7X 2D imager model for reading 2D images. This model is extremely useful for reading damaged or dirty barcode images.

  • Weight Ranges from 1.6 to 2.4 oz
  • Scan Method:
    CHS 7C/7Ci: Linear Imager
    CHS 7E: Class 1 Laser
    CHS 7M/7P: Class 2 Laser CHS 7X/7Xi/7XRx/7XiRx: 2D Area Imager
  • Interface Type: Bluetooth
  • Decode Capability:
    CHS 7C/7Ci/7E/7M/7P: 1D barcodes
    CHS 7X/7Xi/7XRx/7XiRx: 1D and 2D barcodes
  • All models were tested to withstand multiple 4´ to 5´ drops onto concrete

CX2870-1409 In stock
Socket Series 7 CHS 7Ci Barcode Scanner, Bluetooth Interface, 1D Imager, Compatible With Square, Missing Inner Packaging, Color: Dark Grey, CID:3877


Reg. $220.00

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