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Thermal Receipt Printer

With a thermal receipt printer, you get near silent, remarkably fast printing. These printers use heat on special paper to create text and images, cutting down on the media you need to purchase. We carry a wide variety of thermal printers, ensuring there is one that meets your businessĀ“s needs and budget.

Which one do I need?

Not sure what product is right for you? These products can be complicated. Let our product finder guide you to the best equipment for your needs.

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Epson TM-T88V
Starting At: $332.00

Longest selling printer line, incredibly durable.

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EVO HiSpeed
Starting At: $275.00

Quick, reliable, and affordable receipt printer.

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Epson TM-T20II
Starting At: $145.00

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Star Micronics TSP100ECO
Starting At: $235.00

Energy efficient, reduces paper waste with ease.

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ION Thermal
POS-X ION Thermal Starting At: $215.00
EVO Green
POS-X EVO Green Starting At: $225.00
Epson TM-T70II Starting At: $307.00
ReadyPrint T20
Epson ReadyPrint T20 Starting At: $276.00
Epson TM-T70 Starting At: $343.00
CognitiveTPG A799 Starting At: $285.00
CognitiveTPG A798 Starting At: $266.00
TSP800 Series
Star Micronics TSP800 Series Starting At: $470.00
1 on Outlet starting from $105.00
TSP1000 Series
Star Micronics TSP1000 Series Starting At: $525.00
1 on Outlet starting from $475.00
Star Micronics TSP100 Starting At: $218.00
8 on Outlet starting from $105.00
TSP700II Series
Star Micronics TSP700II Series Starting At: $319.00
Bixolon SRP-370 Please Call For Pricing!
1 on Outlet starting from $12.00
Bixolon SRP-350II Starting At: $243.00
Qaliber RP-E
Seiko Qaliber RP-E Starting At: $313.00
Qaliber Lite RP-D10
Seiko Qaliber Lite RP-D10 Starting At: $214.00
Citizen CT-S310II Starting At: $211.00
Citizen CT-S851 Starting At: $326.00
Citizen CT-S651 Starting At: $261.00
Logic Controls LR3000 Starting At: $262.00
Ithaca 9000 Starting At: $314.00

Discontinued Products

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by POSMicro.com. In some cases, accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Bixolon | SRP-350
Citizen | CBM1000II | CBM231 | CBM270 | CT-S300 | CT-S310 | iDP3240
CognitiveTPG | A716 | A794 | A795
Datamax-O´Neil | microFlash 2
Epson | TM-L60II | TM-T88III | TM-T88IV | TM-T90
Ithaca | 180 Series | 610 | 8000 | 8040 | iTherm 280
POS-X | EVO-RP1 | Xr500 | Xr510 | XR520
Star Micronics | TSP200 Series | TSP400 Series | TSP600II Series | TSP700 Series


We carry a wide variety of thermal receipt printers, all offering different feature sets designed to maximize your investment. Various features, such as two-color printing, print speed, auto cutter reliability, and printhead life all affect the experience at your pos station for your customers and your employees.

Single Color vs Two-Color Printing
Choosing between single or two-color printing is almost entirely an economical decision. Two color printers require special thermal paper that displays a different color at a lower temperature, usually giving you black and red in your printouts. This gives you the ability to printe color graphics on your receipts, or highlight changes to orders, such as returns or add-ons for restaurant printing. This two-color capable paper is much more expensive than single color, so you definitely want to make sure your POS software supports two-color printing before making the investment.

Print Speed
Thermal receipt printers have gotten remarkably fast, far outpacing impact printers. At the top of the line, you have the Epson TM-T88V, printing out at nearly one foot per second, fantastic for high-volume retail or businesses who might print out longer than normal receipts. Energy efficient printers, such as the Epson ReadyPrint TM-T20 and Star TSP100ECO, sacrifice some print speed to minimize electrical need, usually printing at around 4-7 inches per second. For most retailers, however, print speed is a personal choice.

Auto Cutter
Auto cutters are a sharp knife that cuts most of the receipt at the end of the print out, making it easy to remove the receipt to give to the customer. With lifespans rated in millions of cuts, auto cutters usually correlate to the overall lifespan of your printer.